Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Real Facts on Hair Transplant in Bangalore

The New You Hair Clinic

Hair Transplant carries High Success Rate 95 to 100% Success rate. Hair Transplant surgery has literally no risk or very minimum risks.Only Hair loss solution which 100% Natural,Hair Growth is natural process.
Hair Transplant Surgery is very very old in medical science Hair transplantation is existing since 1950.

Every Day there is a new progress in Hair Transplant Industry new methods and inventions are made
every year since 1950. We at Our  The New You Hair Clinic have performed 1000's of Hair Transplant procedure till day we have hardly found any dissatisfied patient,check our Testimonies for more detail.

The Hair that is been Transplanted to the recipient area will drop in just few day/week after the surgery
This is normal and natural process.Hair Transplant is become very popular even in developing countries ,Hair Transplant were only in developed countries like US,UK , Mideast and other European  countries.Today we Are so fortunate we have it in our places.

Hair Transplant surgeries are not as expensive as other cosmetic procedure.
Compared to any other countries We can in India we get this at Affordable price that is the Reason there are lot of medical Tourism's in India  .

For More Details Contact : Dr. Kishore Babu Pentyala
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