Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Eye Lid Surgery in Bangalore

Eyelid surgery / Blepharoplasty pre surgery instructions
  • Avoid eyelid make up and lenses on day of your eyelid surgery
  • Routine breakfast on day of your surgery
  • Avoid smoking and alcohol for 3 days before your blepharoplasty

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    Eye Lid Surgery Instructions

    Eyelid surgery/Blepharoplasty post surgery instructions
    • Avoid make up/eye liners and eye lenses for 1 week after your eyelid surgery
    • Antibiotics and anelgesics for 5 days
    • Suture removal after 5 days
    • Do not rub your eyelid after your surgery
    • Wear glasses for 1 week after your surgery to prevent form sunlight and dust


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